Enhance your forensic skills and learn leading-edge techniques

Training Tracks

Comprehensive, role-based training tracks

The Cellebrite Academy fosters next generation digital forensic expertise to quickly and accurately identify critical evidence you can confidently stand behind. This comprehensive curriculum offers both core and elective classes for entry-level, advanced and expert-level professionals. All current certifications earned by existing Cellebrite learning center students remain valid and count towards track certification where applicable.

Core Mobile Forensic Track

Learn the essentials of digital forensics training, whether you are in law enforcement, military, intelligence or the private sector. Get familiar with industry leading digital forensics tools and produce forensically sound evidence that will stand up in court. Understand how to apply fundamental forensics principles, and practice expert methodologies to produce accurate extraction, decoding and analysis results.

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Expert Forensic Examiner Track

Building on the skills mastered in the Core Forensic Examiner Track, this advanced level, vendor agnostic track trains practitioners in high-level digital forensic data recovery, beyond automated tool recovery and analysis. Dive deep into highly advanced tools and techniques to recover data from most devices, even ones without automated support or barriers to automated examination.

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Investigator Track

Explore how digital forensics technology and data from devices, social media and cloud-based sources can help advance investigations. Learn how to extract forensically sound data from an active mobile phone and identify a network of undercover contacts while in the field. Perform basic analysis to better understand how to interface with, search and identify artifacts and make digital evidence actionable.

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Analyst Track

Learn how to extract a broad base of digital evidence to establish connections and build timelines, using service provider Call Detail Records (CDR) and all forms of digital data. Develop your technical analytic skills by exploring current solutions and best-practice approaches for extracting, analyzing, storing, reporting and sharing digital evidence.

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Legal Professional Track

Focus on the current and emerging legal issues surrounding collecting, preserving and admitting digital evidence. Gain a deeper understanding of digital forensic tools and analysis solutions, and learn how to work effectively alongside forensics experts, investigators and analysts to build a strong, defensible case throughout the investigation.

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