Technical Services

Recover evidence from damaged or complex devices, applications and data formats.

Cellebrite Technical Services deliver a set of unique, exclusive and powerful capabilities and expertise designed to enhance existing mobile forensic tools and agency skillsets. We work with you to recover valuable evidence from heavily damaged devices, challenging applications and unknown data formats. Performed on premises or at a certified Cellebrite Lab, Technical Services help you meet the most difficult and pressing forensic technical demands.

Capabilities & Benefits

Recover evidence from damaged devices

Don’t let a severely damaged device stall your investigation without having Cellebrite Technical Services evaluate it. Our skilled forensic experts have extensive experience and tools to help you recover and examine important evidence from crushed, broken, burnt or water-damaged devices.

Reveal information form unknown data sources

With the frequency of new mobile applications and continuous updates, you can run into an unknown source, format or structure that prevents analysis of an application’s data. Cellebrite’s digital forensic experts can help you parse tough and unfamiliar application data to uncover important evidence.


Are you an examiner? Find out how Cellebrite can help you.

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Agency Management

Are you an agency manager? Find out how to Cellebrite can help you.

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2018 CHIA Conference

February 27 - March 02, 2018, Las Vegas, NV


Analysis of data on Anthony Garcia’s phone

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‘Textalyzer’ aims to put the brakes on distracted driving

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Unmatched Innovation.

Cellebrite UFED consistently brings critical mobile forensic capabilities.
First to the lab and field and many of these capabilities remain unmatched
for months or years. Many remain unmatched today.

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