Crack the toughest digital devices and forensic operational challenges.

Investigative challenges change rapidly, daily. Device and application technologies continue to evolve and grow at a blinding pace. Digital investigations are getting larger and more complex, often involving dozens of devices, applications and cloud-based sources. Add to this an ongoing need to drive operational and digital forensic efficiencies agency-wide. Cellebrite’s highly skilled forensic experts deliver customized Unlock, Technical and Advisory Services that help you solve the most complex digital forensic investigative challenges. Access data from the latest iOS and Android digital devices featuring the strongest encryption on the market. Extract critical evidence from fragile devices, including those crushed, broken, burnt or water damaged. Prepare cases for success with the support of Cellebrite experts, including evidentiary preparation, independent case review and testimony. Or optimize your entire forensic operation with the help of our independent best practice consultancy.
Unlock Services

Overcome sophisticated lock and encryption challenges with market-leading access and extraction capabilities.

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Technical Services

Recover valuable evidence from heavily damaged devices, challenging applications and unknown data formats.

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Advisory Services

Solve complex operational or procedural challenges and optimize the impact of digital forensic data agency-wide with our highly experienced and certified experts.

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