Amplify findings and share information across departments.

Building a strong case requires working collaboratively across departments. Examiners and analysts in the lab need to share their findings in formats their colleagues can use to advance the investigation – and investigators, prosecutors and other team members need to review and interpret the insights in ways they can defend and act on.

Reader is a free, executable application that allows examiners or investigators to easily create and share dynamic reports. It creates a simple, intuitive way to collaborate with the team outside the lab who may not have access to Cellebrite’s extracting, decoding and analytics products.

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Capabilities & Benefits

Share findings with team

Empower the entire investigative team to conduct advanced searches, selectively view data and share findings within dynamic reports.

Ready and easy to use

Reader is intuitive, simple and easy to use – there’s no installation or license required – and it can seamlessly integrate with other Cellebrite extraction, decoding and analytics products.

Generate customized reports

Select specific data to include in the reports and choose from multiple formats to present the data.

Review evidence thoroughly

Use advanced search, filtering, timeline, entity bookmarks and project saving features to find key details and capture review progress.

Capture all insights

Minimize the possibility of losing data as you share information in a single and comprehensive report.



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