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Simplify the management and optimize the utilization of your forensic tools.

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With digital evidence now linked to virtually every incident and investigation, agencies are expanding extraction capabilities both in the lab and in the field. That means you need a better way to oversee how your forensic tools are deployed and utilized.

Now you can simplify how you manage and control all deployed devices and systems with the Cellebrite Central Management System. Reduce ongoing administration costs by remotely accessing devices and systems across your operation. Ensure agency policies and user permissions are up to date by centrally controlling usage, both at the user and system level. Maintain the latest versions and configurations to ensure the forensic integrity of the data collected. Gather important utilization insights with robust auditing and reporting capabilities. Gain situational awareness into how forensic systems are used so you can optimize your technology investments, workloads and resources – whether in the lab or deployed remotely in the field.

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Capabilities & Benefits

Manage from a single point

Simplify device and system management and reduce administration costs by remotely distributing and installing software updates and configuration modifications.

Keep current with policies and permissions

Centrally manage system usage, both at the user and device level, to ensure that agency policies and user permissions are in sync, enforced and up to date.

Optimize device usage

Full auditing capabilities allow you to automatically collect usage statistics to identify operational efficiencies and better utilize your digital forensics devices and systems.

Ensure evidentiary integrity

Automatically back up the metadata of every extraction and have a transparent, auditable and defensible chain of custody.

Create end-to-end visibility

Generate dashboards and statistical crime type reports to share with your team and agency management to demonstrate the value of your digital technology investments.

See comprehensive user activity

Activity logs ensure all user activity is captured and presented within the management analytics dashboard.



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Unmatched Innovation.

Cellebrite UFED consistently brings critical mobile forensic capabilities.
First to the lab and field and many of these capabilities remain unmatched
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