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Automate complex analysis and get the intelligence you need.

Data has to be made meaningful quickly for it to be useful to an investigation. Case backlogs, processing time, and the huge volume of mobile, cloud and computer data means that looking for meaningful connections in a case can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Transform raw, disparate data into digital intelligence faster with Analytics Enterprise – a unified investigation tool that enables examiners, investigators and prosecutors to access, analyze and collaborate in real time on all centrally located forensic artifacts. Eliminate manual, time-intensive tasks through automatic data correlation and management. Focus data from mobile, cloud, computer and telco sources into a single view from a centralized digital forensics library. Perform complex analytics more simply and discover critical evidence hidden within text, images, videos and more. Streamline workflows and collaborate across the lab and the broader investigative team to accelerate investigations and reduce case cycle times.

Cellebrite’s Analytics Enterprise makes it simple to:

  • Immediately detect and match objects within images and videos such as weapons, money, nudity, child exploitation or documents
  • Focus on persons of interest with automatic facial detection
  • Find leads faster with optical character recognition
  • Analyze links within case-related networks to reveal hidden connections, group hierarchies and communication patterns
  • Perform cross-case analysis by subject, crime type or time period

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Capabilities & Benefits

A unified view of all data

To work cases faster, investigators need direct access to all digital forensic evidence. Cellebrite Analytics Enterprise stores, indexes and unifies all mobile, cloud, computer and telco data in a centralized digital forensics library so you don’t waste precious time using disparate tools. Easily search across historic and current data from multiple cases and sources to ensure you see the big picture and all the critical connections that define it.

Eliminate manual analysis

Relying on the manual review of digital data increases the chance of leaving valuable evidence behind. Eliminate the time-consuming correlation and analysis of digital data currently found in large, siloed PDF reports. Purpose-built analytical engines automatically sort, analyze and cross reference all data sources, providing immediate context so you can narrow your focus to the most relevant evidence.

Media and text analytics provide a big picture view

See the whole picture and find the connections in the case more quickly by eliminating the manual review of media files. Neural network-based machine learning algorithms automatically detect previously unknown images and video clips related to key categories, such as child exploitation, weapons, money, drugs, nudity and more. Faces are automatically detected and highlighted, and images are immediately categorized, within digital media files saving precious time. Quickly apply your knowledge of the case with intuitive filters so you can reduce case cycle times.

Share findings across the team

Identify, collaborate and share critical case data across departments in real time. Tag and denote key artifacts and ensure each member of the investigative team is equipped with the latest insights to successfully advance the case.

Ensure the chain of custody

Protect the investigation and ensure your team operates on a right to know, need to know basis. Centrally manage and enforce data permission policies, audit access and ensure authorized stakeholders can view data independently or collaboratively as needed throughout the investigative process.

Maximize your forensic investments

Add power and value to your existing arsenal of forensic tools and optimize your entire organization and investigative resources with an end-to-end, digital intelligence workflow which eliminates manual analytical processes so you can drive out time and cost in your investigations.



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