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Uncover critical evidence to advance investigations faster.

Digital data can answer important investigative questions, offer case context, and identify suspects and even victims – but only if it is made meaningful quickly. Analyzing large volumes of disparate data is time consuming and difficult, and as a result, critical evidence can be often be left behind.

Designed as a standalone application, Analytics Desktop eliminates time-intensive analysis, turning raw data into digital intelligence so you reveal more leads in less time and shorten investigation cycle times. Be confident that you are delivering accurate, defensible intelligence that can expedite and successfully bolster a case when you search, filter and dig into digital artifacts across disparate sources.

Cellebrite’s Analytics Desktop makes it simple to:

  • Immediately detect objects within images and videos such as weapons, nudity or documents
  • Focus on persons of interest with automatic facial detection
  • Find leads faster with optical character recognition
  • Analyze links within case-related networks to reveal hidden connections, group hierarchies and communication patterns

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Capabilities & Benefits

See the whole picture faster

Find the connections in the case more quickly when you simplify and automate complex analytical tasks. Automatically merge, correlate and unify data from across various types of sources, such as mobile devices, computer, cloud and telco service providers. Quickly apply your knowledge of the case with intuitive filters so you can narrow your focus to the most relevant evidence.

Establish connections quickly

Organize and visualize data from new perspectives to discover common threads between data. Create timelines or maps, and search across text, images, video and geolocations from a variety of sources to build a holistic view of the case.

Save time with advanced media analytics

Eliminate the need to review images one by one with advanced image and video analytics, and a unique neural network machine learning process. Automatically categorize media based on pre-defined categories, such as weapons, nudity, faces or child exploitation.

Identify more insights with text analytics

Go beyond watchlists and apply natural language processing to any textual artifact to identify entities such as names, addresses, locations and URLs.

Maximize your forensic investments

Add power and value to your existing forensic tools by providing a comprehensive case-level analysis tool. This application handles multiple logical, file system, physical extractions and external service provider records per case, saving you precious time and resources.



Cellebrite Analytics

Identify important connections between devices and users by learning how to screen big data sets and visualize your results

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Cellebrite Certified Operator

Certifies participants to extract, analyze, and report on data in a forensically sound manner using UFED Touch, UFED Touch2 and UFED 4PC

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Cellebrite Social Network Investigations
Gain familiarity with methods to gather and preserve social media evidence and obtain proper legal authority

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Cloud Extraction and Reporting

Specialize in extractions, analysis and reporting of cloud-based evidence from social media and other data sources

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Cellebrite Reader

Learn how to use Reader’s dynamic reporting capabilities to build stronger cases

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Cellebrite Digital Forensics for Legal Pros

Learn how and what defensible evidence can be recovered using the latest digital forensics techniques

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North Carolina Gang Investigators Association conference 2017

August 14-17, 2017, NC, Winston-Salem


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