Agency Management

Solve more crimes.

Preserve public safety.

needs to make the most of the investigative resources.

In a resource-constrained environment, agencies need to improve digital forensics efficiencies to solve cases faster, create force multiplication and keep communities safe.

Reduce Time to Actionable Evidence

Redistribute digital forensic workloads from the lab to the field to reduce device-processing backlogs and accelerate investigations. Empower first responders and investigators with digital triage and analytics capabilities so they can find insights quicker and act faster. Solve more cases in less time to better meet KPIs to reduce crime in your community.

Increase Team Collaboration for Faster Results

Standardize investigative processes across operating environments, enhance collaboration and streamline analysis to find critical evidence more quickly. Our digital data extraction, analysis and reporting processes facilitate cross-departmental sharing to keep investigations moving forward while maximizing resources.

Access Essential Digital Data to Advance Investigations

As the devices in market continue to evolve, investigations can’t be left in the dark. Gain access to locked, encrypted and damaged devices to leverage digital evidence and solve more cases.

Ensure Accountability and Effectiveness at Every Level

Guarantee accountability for every action and every user with comprehensive permission management. Reduce risks to handling private data with administrative controls and staff training that ensure your team solves cases within the scope of legal authority and due process. Identify operational inefficiencies with full auditing capabilities so you can make the most of your technology resources, investments and workloads.


Cellebrite Unlock, Technical and Advisory Services

Support to crack even the toughest cases and operational challenges Challenging devices, difficult cases and addressing forensic process inefficiencies are not beyond an agency’s reach with Cellebrite Unlocking, Technical and Advisory Services. Access data from digital devices featuring the latest encryption on the market, including iOS and Android. Extract from fragile devices, including crushed, broken, burnt or water damaged ones. Prepare cases for success with the support of Cellebrite experts, including evidentiary preparation, independent case review and testimony. Or optimize your forensic operation with the help of our independent best practice consultancy.

Analytics Series

Find the insights buried in digital data more quickly Discover the investigation’s next steps more quickly and review evidence more easily using powerful, simplified data analysis tools. Merge large disparate data sources into a unified view and automate complex analytics to gather insights faster than ever. Designed to serve as a force multiplier, yet flex for a single forensic investigator or hundreds of users, the Analytics Series transforms how investigative teams discover new leads and build a defensible case.

Field Series

Discover evidence on the spot Hit the ground running when investigating a case. No matter where they are in field, first responders and investigators can capture, view, qualify and act on potential evidence quickly when minutes matter most. Give investigators and first responders secure, forensically sound front line access to device texts, call logs and emails to help make real-time decisions while ensuring the chain of custody is preserved.

Pro Series

Extract and examine evidence from the widest range of digital sources Harness the collective power of the most trusted, comprehensive and integrated suite of digital forensic tools. The UFED Pro Series gives you unlocking and logical, file and physical extraction for the most devices on the market. Extract data from social media and cloud-based sources. Streamline workflows and unify disparate data from varied sources, so you can review more evidence faster and reveal key insights.

Central Management System

Manage operational effectiveness and forensic process Simplify how your deployed forensics tools are managed and controlled with Cellebrite’s Central Management System. Reduce administration costs by remotely accessing devices and systems across your operation. Maintain the latest versions, configurations and permissions to ensure the forensic integrity of the data collected. Gather important utilization insights with robust auditing and reporting capabilities. Gain situational awareness into how forensic systems are used – whether in the lab or deployed remotely in the field.

Cellebrite Academy

Achieve the highest digital forensics standard Enhance operational excellence across your investigative team and improve case success rates. At Cellebrite Academy, forensics examiners, analysts, investigators and prosecutors can learn specific, role-based skills from Cellebrite’s digital forensics experts. With a technology-agnostic curriculum and a variety of learning formats, including instructor led and online training, team members will learn about best-in-class tools, techniques and practices to advance cases more quickly, thoroughly and successfully.