Law Enforcement

Build Stronger Cases.

Protect Our Communities.

Transform the way you uncover evidence.

5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. 3.8 million Google search queries per minute. 4.75 billion pieces of Facebook content shared daily. Unlock the intelligence of digital forensic data to accelerate investigations, collaborate more seamlessly and ultimately solve more cases, faster.

Forensic examiners

Reduce case backlogs and speed up investigations. Unlock, extract and perform a comprehensive recovery and analysis of all digital artifacts to build a strong, defensible case.


Advance the case and find new investigative paths faster by accessing and analyzing the intelligence within digital data.

Field teams

A safer world is possible. And it starts with empowering field teams with the tools they need to easily access actionable intelligence at the scene to inform next steps.


To build a strong case, prosecutors need to access evidence that has been defensibly gathered. Preserve accuracy, authenticity and integrity of evidence throughout the chain of custody.

Agency management

Agencies need to preserve public safety. Collect critical digital evidence and ensure operational effectiveness in the face of stronger encryption, resource constrained environments and increasing pressure to solve cases faster.


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