Advanced Services 

Crack the toughest digital devices and forensic operational challenges.

Mobile devices now play a defining role in criminal investigations, providing access to the digital footprints of a victim or suspect and revealing critical details hidden in messaging, location information, system logs and third-party applications that can help reveal the truth and lead to case breakthroughs. The race to uncover evidence can either prevent a crime from occurring, assist in a criminal investigation that can prove innocence, or lead to an arrest or conviction. Recovering a mobile device only to be stopped by technological barriers can bring an investigation to a grinding halt and dramatically impact a trial. Not to mention the operational challenges that law enforcement agencies face with device backlogs in the lab. Technology moves fast, and Cellebrite’s commitment to world-class research ensures we keep pace with complex, new device locking and encryption methods. Cellebrite Advanced Services -which feature Advanced Unlocking and Advanced Extraction Services – provide law enforcement agencies with sensitive, cutting-edge abilities directly from the Cellebrite Security Research Labs. These customized services are delivered by digital forensic technology experts through a network of secure Cellebrite Forensic Labs (CBFLs) located around the world.
Advanced Unlocking Services

Overcome complex locks on the latest Apple iOS and Google Android devices with our exclusive unlocking capabilities. 

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Advanced Extraction Services

Overcome sophisticated encryption challenges with our market-leading extraction capabilities. 

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Technical Services

Recover valuable evidence from heavily damaged devices, challenging applications and unknown data formats.

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Advisory Services

Solve complex operational or procedural challenges and optimize the impact of digital forensic data agency-wide with our highly experienced and certified experts.

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