Cellebrite Touch Testimonials

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Cellebrite Touch Testimonials


Vodafone wants to improve the smartphone repair process. The operator has introduced a comprehensive diagnostics solution designed to significantly reduce the number of broken phones for repair. The system from Cellebrite, allows for virus deletion, battery life optimization, and software error elimination directly in the store.
  We believe that in 40 percent of all cases a fix on the spot is possible, 
Robert Hackl, CCOO, in Telecom Handel    Vodafone Germany

   For WSA Distributing, a single failure to remove previous owners’ data from a recycled phone can have disastrous consequences for our business. Our clients, and their millions of customers, entrust us to protect their interests. Cellebrite is our key partner for their proven ability to prevent forensic recovery of deleted data, scalable workstations and a full audit trail of all transactions. 
Mr. Carlos Becerra, Founder, Chairman & CEO    WSA Distributing, Inc.

   The units have been well accepted by everybody.They are much faster and easy to use. These solutions will enhance the customer experience and ensure much higher customer satisfaction, which is so important today 
Mr. Johan Mudde, After Sales/Liaison Manager    Phone House Netherlands

  Customers feel more at ease and realize that they are receiving cutting-edge service with transfer of data being done within minutes and a full diagnostics service for common, phone faults. 
Koen Herregodts, After Sales and Services Manager    TPH Belgium