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Increase revenue, improve offer acceptance rates and encourage customer loyalty through the integration of unique capabilities available only from Cellebrite.

Cellebrite’s unique automated BuyBack system, via the Cellebrite Touch or DeskTop platforms, opens a major opportunity for mobile retailers to increase revenues by promoting old phone trade-ins.

The Customer Experience

With Cellebrite BuyBack, retailers can effortlessly introduce phone trade-ins into the customer journey:

  • During setting up of a new phone, when the old phone can be traded in
  • During a diagnostics session the sales agent can offer the customer an upgrade with a trade-in as an alternative to repair or maintenance
  • As a standalone service to check the value of an old phone, thereby giving the sales agent the opening to initiate a new phone sale. 

The Cellebrite in-store system pulls real-time quotes from a pre-integrated connection with a phone broker, offering customers immediate value for their old phones, to be used in-store to purchase accessories and other merchandise…or even applied toward the purchase of a new phone.

Automation Reduces Time, Effort and Error

Cellebrite automatically identifies the phone specifications and tests the phone to ensure the most accurate quotes.

Ensuring Consumer Privacy

Consumers often reject trade-in offers fearing their personal data could be exposed. Cellebrite eliminates these concerns by performing a full Wipe of all data from the phone during the process.

Eliminate Anti-theft Kill Switch Problems

Cellebrite's kill switch detection technology ensures that security measures like “Find my iPhone” are deactivated prior to accepting a phone for trade-in, helping retailers avoid losses due to brokers rejecting “bricked” phones.