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Cellebrite now offers independent mobile retailers a not-to-be-missed opportunity to increase revenues, encourage customer loyalty and reduce churn through an easy-to-access, results-oriented automated cellphone BuyBack program. Customers can trade-in their old phones for credit against in-store purchases while being totally assured that their privacy is intact.

At a Glance

  • Integrated with broker’s price list data base
  • Executed during upgrading and transferring data from an old phone to a new phone
  • Cellebrite Touch or Cellebrite DeskTop recognize the old phone and initiates the BuyBack process
  • A BuyBack offer is presented from the trade-in broker’s data base. All personal content is wiped from the old phone’s memory, ensuring complete privacy

When a customer upgrades a cellphone, transfers data from the old phone to a new phone or submits a phone for extensive repairs of major operating problems, the Cellebrite Touch or Cellebrite DeskTop in-store system automatically recognizes the old phone, automatically accesses a price list database from a used phone broker and instantly presents an offer.

On acceptance, the customer immediately receives coupons for the value of the old phone for use in-store on accessories and other merchandise, according to the individual retailer’s decisions.

Device Wipe

The last step in the phone trade-in process:

  • Complete and secure removal of all personal content from cell phone’s memory
  • Includes contacts, SMS, MMS, calendar, accounts, apps and app data, MM files and DB, web browser history and bookmarks.

Why Was it Developed?

Device Wipe addresses consumer concerns about privacy of their cell phone content when leaving phones with a store agent for repair, or particularly when old phones are traded in. Deice Wipe removes the final barrier to phone trade-in adoption and paves the way for retailers to increase trade-in transaction volumes. Customers gain added confidence that personal information will be “wiped” from the device and cannot fall into the wrong hands.

When is it Used?

  • At the point-of-service in-store, when old phones are traded in for new ones
  • A phone is sent to a workshop for repair
  • A person returns a rental or exchange phone

How Long Does it Take?

About 5 minutes

What Phones are Supported?

  • BlackBerry and Android phones
  • Manual, guided wipe, available for iOS
  • A fully automatic service for iOS available in the near future

That’s all there is to it: Cellebrite and the broker take care of everything else. It’s that easy to increase your revenues, and keep your customers happy and coming back for more.