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End-of-Life Announcement: UME-36Pro

Cellebrite announces the planned End-of-Life for the UME-36Pro on October 31, 2014, in favor of our next generation of advanced mobile retail solutions.
We will continue to provide full technical support and software updates, including the addition of new phones, for existing UME-36Pro customers up to that date.

Cellebrite offers existing customers a Trade-Up program to our new Cellebrite Touch or Cellebrite DeskTop solutions while protecting your existing investment. For more details For more details click here.

Cellebrite's UME-36Pro, Universal Memory Exchanger, a, stand-alone phone memory transfer and backup solution, transfers all forms of content, including pictures, videos, ringtones, SMS, and phonebook contact data between a wide range of mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs.

System Highlights

  • Transfer of phone’s internal memory and SIM card content
  • Transfer of phonebooks, pictures, videos, ring-tones, and SMS
  • Available connectivity: USB, Serial, IrDA and Bluetooth connections to phones
  • Integrated SIM/Smart Card reader
  • Integrated PC connection allowing content backup and management
  • Built in Ethernet card for advanced capabilities
  • Built in SIM reader
  • Supports SD Card