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UFED TK is Cellebrite's ruggedized mobile forensic solution, purpose-designed for users to perform extraction, decoding and analysis alongside other third-party software, on a single ruggedized platform.

UFED TK is a complete turnkey solution that is delivered with either a Logical or Ultimate offering, and includes all of the UFED applications pre-installed on a rugged Panasonic Toughbook®of your choice: CF19 or CF53 or the Toughpad® G1.

UFED Physical Analyzer * – Advanced analysis decoding and reporting of extractions

UFED Logical Analyzer – Simplified data analysis and reporting for logical extractions

UFED Reader – Free application for report sharing with any authorized personnel

UFED Phone Detective – For instant mobile phone identification

This 'tough' solution comes complete with a purpose-built ruggedized case, providing users with every piece of equipment needed for mobile forensic investigations in harsh conditions. Items include tips and cables set, UFED Device Adapter, multiSIM adapter, Faraday bag, UFED Memory Card reader, SIM and Micro SIM ID cloning cards and more.

*Available with the Ultimate offering only


  • Streamlined workflow on a single platform; all-in-one mobile forensic solution
  • Rugged reliability for field operations
  • Unrivaled support for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices
  • On screen view of extraction and reports
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Same trusted UFED technology proving users with all data extraction capabilities
  • Field proven hardware and software
  • Military and energy standard compliances – certified for a range of extreme conditions - drops, shocks, vibration, humidity, altitude, dust, temperature extremes and thermal shock
  • Unique evidence verification engine enables validation of recovered artifacts
  • Frequent updates to ensure compatibility with new phones as they enter the market
  • Custom bootloaders ensuring forensically sound extractions
  • Touch screen enabled and user-friendly UI


Item DescriptionQuantity
Panasonic Toughbook CF 19/ CF 53 or Toughpad G1 1
UFED Device Adapter 1
Tip & Cable Organizer 1
UFED TK Accessories Bag 1
Tip Set & Cable Set 1
Panasonic CF 19/ CF 53/ G1 Power Supply 1
Phone Power Up cable 1
Cleaning Brush for Phone Connectors 1
MultiSIM Adapter 1
Micro SIM ID Cloning Cards 5
SIM ID cloning cards 5
Current 5v To 6v Adapter 1
Charging Cable C 2
UFED Phone Charger 1
Ruggedized Carrying Case 1
Case Embedded Work Surface 1
UFED Memory Card Reader 1
Faraday Bag 1
UFED External Hard Drive 500 GB 1
USB cable for UFED Device Adapter PowerUP S 75 cm 1
USB cable for UFED Device Adapter PowerUP L 150 cm 1
USB Extension cable 150 cm 1
Tip Velcro Strap 1
Shoulder Strap 1
Spare tips cartridge 1