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Discover critical connections between people, places and events

UFED Link Analysis helps you to immediately discover and identify the connections and communication methods used between multiple device users. Using this tool you can develop critical leads during the "golden hour" of an investigation, when both physical and digital evidence is freshest.

UFED Link Analysis provides investigators and analysts an immediate visual picture of the communication methods, to help them understand the relationship between entities and put the puzzle pieces together:

  • Reveal communication links between multiple mobile devices based on a complete range of existing, hidden and deleted data types: mutual contacts, calls, SMS, MMS, emails, chats, apps messages, locations etc.
  • Manage the investigation data based on your needs by tagging data items with single or multiple tags
  • Visualize the communication directions between entities, pinpointing bidirectional and unidirectional communication
  • Analyze mutual locations of mobile device users on a single map
  • Share your findings with other investigators

Main Features:

  • Entities analytics: Statistical data shows the frequency of communication and preferred communication methods
  • Timeline: Displaying a list of events in chronological order
  • Watch list: Automatically highlight case and category keywords from multiple devices
  • Advanced filters: Filter links and data based on variety of parameters such as date and time, communication methods, location types, distance and tags
  • Graph snapshot: Save an image of the current view
  • External data sources: Import from external sources – Excel, CDR, Text delimited, UFDR
  • Multiple data sources per person: Import and manage several extraction reports from other data sources, and assign them to the same person
  • Investigation data enrichment: Add data or pictures on entities in extractions
  • Persons and entity management: Add new information about a person, merge or split person and entity
  • Tags: Manage the investigation data by tagging data items
  • Advanced search: Search for information based on free text or several parameters
  • Report generation: Customize reports containing detailed information and graphs


Link Analysis Process:

Generate physical/logical extraction reports

Open the reports via Link Analysis

Add data & pictures

Active watch lists & filters