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Cellebrite's UFED Link Analysis is a new application which immediately identifies and visualizes the connections and communication methods used between multiple mobile devices, based on data extraction reports.

UFED Link Analysis provides fast results for first responders and creates a bigger picture of any investigation:

  • Reveal communication links between multiple mobile devices based on a rich data set: mutual contacts, calls, SMS, MMS, email messages, chats, application transactions, Bluetooth devices, locations and more
  • Understand how entities are connected by visualizing data from multiple devices
  • Visualize the communication directions between entities, pinpointing bidirectional and unidirectional communication
  • Discover if entities were at the same place at the same time
  • Drill down to specific events
  • Share your findings with other investigators

Main Features:

  • Entities analytics: Statistical data shows the frequency of communication and preferred communication methods
  • Timeline: Displaying a list of events in chronological order
  • Location analytics: Analyze multiple suspects locations on a single map
  • Mutual and all links graphs: View the suspects and the entities
  • Advanced filters: Filter data based on date and time, communication methods, location types and distance
  • Investigation data enrichment: Add data or pictures on entities in extractions
  • Advanced search: Search for information based on free text or several parameters
  • Project and table search: Text search on all data available in the project or table
  • Report generation: Customize reports containing detailed information and graphs
  • Graph snapshot: Save an image of the current view
  • Project management: Save the project information
  • Suspect's data management: Add data and pictures collected during the investigation