Analytics Series

Turn raw, disparate data into actionable intelligence with greater speed and efficiency

The importance of speed during an investigation cannot be underestimated. Teams must be empowered at all levels with the tools they need to dig deep into huge volumes of disparate data and get the answers they need quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, the process has remained largely manual, time-intensive and siloed. And when investigators and forensic examiners are unable to identify the information they need, they move on. Critical evidence gets left behind.

The Cellebrite Analytics Series automates the time-intensive tasks that prevent teams from getting the digital intelligence they need to solve crimes. It automatically merges large quantities of disparate mobile, cloud, computer and telco data sources so users can simultaneously organize, search, map, visualize and manage the data to identify patterns, reveal connections and uncover leads, with greater speed and accuracy. 

Purpose built for a variety of work environments and investigative roles, choose from two flexible options: Analytics Desktop is a standalone application designed to serve a dedicated, single forensic specialist working individual cases. And Analytics Enterprise supports a comprehensive, collaborative digital forensics workflow across the entire organization, from automatic decoding and indexing to role-based analysis and reporting.

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Capabilities & Benefits

Cultivate more leads in less time

Using innovative machine learning algorithms, users can automatically reveal and analyze data from images, text, video, location and more to uncover actionable insights from a variety of communications. Teams can simultaneously view all data from multiple angles and isolate key details for faster analysis and reporting.

Enhance real time collaboration

Empower investigators, analysts, examiners and prosecutors to independently or collaboratively access, review, analyze and cross reference all available data in real time on all centrally located forensic artifacts. Role-based permissions allow team members to log in and immediately review accessible data, breaking down information barriers and reducing case cycle times.

Enable greater visibility

Automatically correlate and manage disparate and historical data, from across varied sources into a centralized digital forensics library to help save precious time and agency resources. Powerful processing functionality allows imported data from past and present cases to be automatically decoded, indexed and stored, reducing administration efforts while enabling advanced search capabilities of unified data.

Increase accountability

Built-in permission management capabilities make it easy to enforce data permission policies, audit access and ensure every user remains accountable throughout the investigative process. Preserve the chain of custody and ensure evidence remains defensible.

Streamline data management and analysis

Designed to maximize current technology investments and work with current data storage capabilities and policies, this centralized virtual library streamlines data management and analysis tasks. Users no longer have to manually review data in large, static PDF reports but instead, authorized users can explore data from all case files, and find exactly the information that’s needed, when it’s needed.



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Analytics Series

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Analytics Series

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