Mobile Forensics White Papers

Mobile Forensics White Papers

Solving Violent Crimes with a Unified Workflow

High level crimes such as violent home invasions can have everyone on edge. As the clock is ticking, investigators are under pressure to get the data quickly and obtain as much evidence as possible to build a bigger picture and advance the situation. Download the whitepaper to understand how Cellebrite's solutions can partake a lead role in such cases, and unify workflows from field to the lab.
5 Key Considerations in Evaluating Mobile Forensic Technology

The ideal mobile forensic solution provider helps you develop a business case for purchasing their tool. Whether you are seeking to become more competitive in offering comprehensive, cost-effective services to your clients in the private sector, or you’re trying to prove that your government agency could deliver faster, more accurate mobile forensics in-house, look for vendors who will understand your problems and partner with you to solve them.
Extracting Legally Defensible Evidence From The Cloud

Learn how Cellebrite’s UFED Cloud Analyzer fulfills the main fundamental requirements of legally defensible cloud forensics examinations. In this whitepaper, you will understand how UFED Cloud Analyzer reduces risks of human error by using timelines and visual tools to normalize and correlate evidence from multiple accounts and disparate data formats.
Will Your Mobile Evidence Stand Up in Court?

Investigators commonly face questioning about the processes and tools used to collect and analyze mobile device evidence. Is it a tested theory or tool? Has it been independently peer reviewed? Will its use support both fact and expert witness trial testimony? Is it generally accepted within the forensic community? Download the whitepaper to understand how validation, peer review, and general acceptance of a tool all contribute to an examiner’s professional standing as a witness in a criminal or civil trial.
Save Time and Accelerate Investigations

Keeping up with demand for digital forensics lab services is tough as resources are limited, and budgets are lean. Agencies are constantly challenged when it comes to reducing cycle times and solving cases faster. The whitepaper will help you understand how our UFED Field Series improves real-time decision making when minutes matter.
Solving Common Problems with Mobile Device Data

Mobile devices are anything but simple and as technology advances, so does the difficulty in accessing them to obtain actionable evidence and intelligence. Download the whitepaper to understand the common challenges investigators face on a regular basis and how our solutions can help overcome these difficult and enduring challenges.
5 Key Benefits from Using UFED Physical Analyzer

UFED Physical Analyzer is the powerful analysis and decoding tool, renowned for its advanced capabilities, reducing a variety of both technical and practical investigative challenges. This whitepaper explains the five of the most important capabilities to meet your toughest mobile forensic challenges.
Evaluating Mobile Forensics Training & Certification Programs: 5 Questions to Ask

Whether you're new to mobile device forensics, or looking to take your skills to the next level, the amount of available mobile forensics training available can be overwhelming. You might be tempted to sign up for the cheapest course, or the course closest to you. However, cheap or close mean little if the training doesn’t prepare you to effectively obtain, use, and testify about mobile device evidence. Good training and certification programs can remove many of these unknowns. From showing you how to get the most out of your mobile forensics hardware and software, to preparing you to testify in court, training should prepare you for a full range of responsibilities as a first responder, mobile data analyst, and/or forensic specialist.
What Happens When You Press that Button? - Explaining Cellebrite UFED Data Extraction Processes

The extraction processes employed by Cellebrite UFED can seem complex, and it is wise to ensure that the investigators or examiners being called as witnesses have a good enough grasp of the technology to explain it in a way that a jury can understand. To this end, Cellebrite strongly encourages all users to attend certification training in order to best understand—and explain—how to extract, decode, analyze and document mobile device evidence using these advanced methodologies. Certification training is available worldwide and in multiple delivery modes, including online and in-class. To learn more, visit:
Preparing Testimony about Cellebrite UFED in a Daubert or Frye Hearing

Cellebrite UFED is among the best known and most used mobile forensic extraction and analysis tools in the digital forensics industry. However, its complex technical processes are not as well understood outside of training. The information in the whitepaper is presented in an effort to help attorneys prepare themselves and their witnesses for Daubert1, Frye2, or related challenges to the admissibility of UFED-extracted mobile device evidence.