Mobile Lifecycle Partners


Mobile Lifecycle Partners


Cellebrite maintains mutually beneficial partnerships with OEM device suppliers. Our technological collaboration aids our OEM partners in reducing warranty costs and No Fault Found returns, and ensures strong support of new phones at launch.

Unresolved problems often cause users to undermine the brand. The OEM partnership promotes value creation with solutions to protect quality perception by identifying the root cause of phone problems. Tests for usage behavior, including battery, malware and apps analysis, pinpoint the source of poor device performance, preserving the OEM reputation. Additional benefits include solutions, such as Content Transfer that transfers data securely, and enables customers to get started fast. Supports all cross operating systems. 


Aftermarket Service Providers/Repair Centers

Cellebrite's AMS partnership program enables Aftermarket Service (AMS) Providers to work with Cellebrite to build a comprehensive range of aftermarket services to serve mutual and direct customers.  

AMS providers can join Cellebrite's growing network, to provide new revenue-generating value-added services to new markets and customers.  AMS providers can also gain a strategic competitive advantage by subcontracting services for training, POS, support and data recovery, to differentiate their services and support.


Technology Partners

Cellebrite's Technology Partnership Program fosters mutually beneficial collaborations with innovative complementary technology companies. Our collaboration enables enriched solutions and channels to power and extend the services offered to our mutual customers. 

In addition, our technology partnerships enable us to combine our solutions and services with our partners', extending our combined offerings with innovative and advanced solutions. This successful collaboration enables us to continually add value to the touch points between mobile operators, repair centers, and their consumers.


Buyback Broker Partners

Cellebrite's BuyBack Broker partnership provides a platform for brokers to successfully expand their business connection with retailers and mobile operators, using trade-in programs.  The program connects brokers with retailers and operators to promote and strengthen customer relations, increase revenue and boost trade-in rates.

The trade-in program's unique technology simplifies the process, making it more profitable for Brokers. With integrated omni-channel diagnostics to better assess phone condition and kill switch detection to prevent accepting phones that will be “bricked” by such security measures, Cellebrite makes brokers’ relationships with their customers more profitable than ever before.