Cellebrite UFED Testimonials


Cellebrite UFED Testimonials


   With Cellebrite technology, I get the most amount of data from devices that are password protected. The number of ongoing updates, detailed documentation and ongoing communication provided has proved an absolute game changer for acquiring data that’s otherwise difficult to collect and allows us to keep pace with rapidly changing mobile apps and operating systems. 
Jon Langton, Lehigh County Forensic Analyst    Lehigh County, Computer Crimes Task Force, PA, USA

   While assisting a local law enforcement agency with a recent criminal investigation, we were able to utilize Cellebrite UFED Cloud Analyzer to remotely collect Google location data pursuant to a search warrant. Within minutes of collecting the location data, we were able to confirm for the investigators that the suspect’s phone was within feet of the 12 year old victim’s home and we was able to trace the suspect’s movements after he left the scene. All of this while another search warrant for location data sat idle at Google waiting to be processed. Great tool – thank you Cellebrite! 
Jim KempVanEe, Director of Digital Forensics    LogicForce Consulting, Nashville, TN, USA

  Social media data is a headache to access from application providers, but is so critical now to forensics investigations. It can takes months to receive data with a warrant and then we do, it’s challenging to review and uncover pertinent details – not to mention time consuming. UFED Cloud Analyzer gives us access to this data quickly so we don’t lose valuable investigation time waiting. 
Sgt. Andrew Weaver    Hartford, CT, USA, Police Department

   The software, Cellebrite allows our FORT Specialists to conduct examination by extracting entire data out of the mobile phones. From the generated report, the FORT Specialists identify incriminating data, conduct link analysis to associates between suspects. As such, we are able to deliver the crucial leads to IO on time for their investigation. 
Mikale, Toh Sin Ee    Central Narcotics Bureau’s Forensic Response Team (FORT), Singapore

  Cellebrite's tools are frequently used on financial crimes & fraud, which have been carried out mainly in Indonesia. The tools we have to tackle financial crime are UFED Touch, UFED CHINEX and UFED Link Analysis. We use them to extract data, generate leads, and ensure the data integrity of evidence. They provide us with clear, comprehensive data that can be used for leads and evidence in court. When combined with UFED Link Analysis, they all work well together. 
Christopher Rianto, Associate Director    Digital Integrity Consulting (Forensic Technology), Indonesia

   I use Cellebrite tools for everything. I used the UFED Physical Analyzer in a child abuse case. If we hadn’t used that tool, we wouldn’t have been able to retrieve the deleted text messages which led us to convict another child abuser. 
Det. Robert Beedham    North Wales Police Force

  Outstanding extraction tool. The Cellebrite UFED Physical Analyzer is like an excellent analysis platform for binary data. 
Shafik Punja, Instructor    Teel Technologies Inc

   Cellebrite gets my highest recommendation for a great product and customer support. ... we always begin analysis with Physical Analyzer
Jim Swauger, Computer Forensic Specialist (Partner)    Binary Intelligence

  This is a necessary tool for any forensics lab! With the latest update the capabilities of the UFED Ultimate... 
Michael Hansen, Director of Marketing    H-11 Digital Forensics

   UFED Physical Analyzer is far better than any other tool out there, especially for recovering deleted data. 
Det. Robert Beedham    North Wales Police Force

  Ron: you and Cellebrite ROCK!! I would have to say Cellebrite gives exemplary support. It is not one incident of support; it is the continual level of support we have, and continue to receive. 
Dave Kleiman, Principal    Computer Forensics LLC

   I caught a guy on an online sting who had deleted every text and picture from his phone that we were sending back and forth. It was an HTC ADR6225. I performed a physical extraction of the phone and was able to recover most or all of that information! Thanks to Cellebrite. 
Sgt. Dustin Albright    Enid Police Department

  Cellebrite rocks, and you always understand not just the trouble law enforcement budgets are in, but how important our job is also. Thank you for continuing this unwavering support! 
Det. Micah Smith    Linn County Sheriff's Office

   Just wanted to tell you that I used the Blackberry feature for the first time yesterday and what a success. 3,485 deleted SMS!!!... 
Det. Reinaldo Ruiz    New Castle County Police

  The UFED Ultimate is the way to go. I am particularly impressed with the UFED Physical Analyzer software and the timeline feature. The support is brilliant; rapid responses regarding any technical issues. 
Gurpreet S. Thathy    UK