Increase customer satisfaction with on-device self-care apps

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Finding new and improved ways of providing support assistance to customers while reducing labor costs can be challenging.   Self-care applications with complete coverage across multiple channels and applications, enable customers to perform simple self-service tasks without going to the store or calling Customer Care.  On-device apps satisfy customers' needs, reduces costs and shrinks in-store wait times.  When providing the ultimate customer-centric service, applications must be tailored to meet the needs of customers wherever they choose to engage self-service applications – online or on-device – and provide continuity between channels when service begins in one channel and completes in another. 


Cellebrite’s customer self-service solution is proven to: 

•Identify malware or dangerous apps in 1 out of every 10 diagnostic sessions

•Identify crashed apps that could compromise phone performance in 1 out of 6 diagnostics sessions 


Diagnostics provide a multichannel approach that enables customers to self-serve, using several delivery points. Diagnostics is an easy to use app that enables fast identification and resolution of mobile phone problems, at home, or anywhere else. The P2P Transfer app enables customers to transfer large amounts of pictures and videos at home after having only their contacts moved to their new phones in-store.


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