Self-Care Diagnostics App

Self-Care Diagnostics App

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Self-Care Diagnostics App

The Self-care Diagnostics app is part of Cellebrite’s Multichannel Diagnostics and is ideal for your customers who prefer the self-care, anytime, anywhere approach.  Self-Care, Cellebrite's on-device diagnostics app, enables your customers to quickly identify and resolve mobile phone problems anytime and anywhere.  The automated app is easy and intuitive to use and does not require any technological expertise. Installation can be via the store, from a call center or independently from the app store.  


Recent customer results show that 1 out of 6 diagnostics sessions identify crashed apps that could compromise phone performance and malware or dangerous apps are found in 1 out of every 10 sessions!


Cellebrite's Diagnostics app employs the same big-data driven diagnostics as the in-store version, making it the most powerful self-care diagnostics app available today. Cellebrite's unique diagnostics server generates repair recommendations for specific problems, or for general problems. Repair recommendations can be anything from educating the user about proper use, to modifying handset settings and updating firmware.  


Other on-device alternatives include web-based instructions, granting remote control of their phone to a friend or call center representative to troubleshoot the issue manually.


The Cellebrite Advantage

•Supports Android and iOS

•Reduces repair bookings and warranty claims

•Educates customers to solve and prevent common complaints

•Solves problems in the fastest, most convenient way to increase customer satisfaction

•Automated tests can be run by even the most novice user

•Supports remote takeover 

•Web-based diagnostics


Unique Features


Mobile Service Providers and Retailers

•Creates a ‘branding point’ in the user’s mobile device, which can be incorporated into the service provider’s personal account app

•Boosts customer engagement, loyalty and trust

•Reduces wait time and costs 

•Provides useful statistics on common mobile phone usage and issues 


End users

•Empowers users to solve problems by themselves

•Reduces the need to contact a call center, retail store or send the phone for repair

•Improves the phone's performance 

•Educates the user by providing visibility and control over device content and usage


The Self-Care app supports Android and iOS.


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