Cellebrite Self-Service Kiosk

Cellebrite Self-Service Kiosk

Automate the repair process to reduce in-store demand

Sales Inquiry

Increases Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction


Improving and enabling next generation customer experience management (CEM) begins with creating new, interactive touchpoints that help transform the wireless customer experience. The Cellomat Sales & Service Solution does that and more Designed to be free-standing, Cellomat enhances the operations of both wireless carriers and retailers as well as AMS providers by optimizing and automating key aspects of customer service. More than just a device, Cellomat is part of a full service solution including hardware, software, and logistics.


Wireless Carriers and Retailers


Reduce service costs. Shorten customer wait and service times. Increase sales and customer satisfaction. Expand service availability to 24/7 By automating some of the most common – and time-consuming – tasks performed by store sales representatives, customers enjoy fast, convenient service and representatives can quickly move on to make their next sale. The Cellomat system can be fully integrated with CRM and back-end office systems, delivering a personalized customer experience by providing immediate access to account and plan details. It can also sell accessories, plan upgrades and other promotions specifically for their device – no sales representative required.


AMS Providers


Expand service offerings to carriers and retailers. Optimize mobile device distribution and reverse logistics. Reduce turnaround-time (TAT) and costs. Enhance the value of core repair services.

The Cellomat Sales & Service Solution complements and expands AMS providers’ existing offerings with a self-service option that reduces operational costs and improves customer satisfaction for consumers, carriers and retailers. With tight back-office system integration, Cellomat makes tracking and managing forward and reverse logistics easier and more efficient.


The Future of Cellomat Self-service with Cellebrite Integration


Mobile Diagnostics

Eliminate wait times in the store, free salespeople to sell, and ensure only truly faulty phones are replaced by letting your customers diagnose and resolve their phone problems by themselves.


Secure Wipe

Erase the risk of exposing private customer information on phones taken in for repair or trade-in by automatically purging data so it cannot be recovered – even by forensic tools.


Automated Phone BuyBack

Increase trade-in margin with kill switch detection, real-time connections to brokers, integrated diagnostic evaluations of a phone condition, and the assurance of complete erasure.


Fast, Universal Content Transfer

Ensure immediate productivity on new phone purchases and minimize customer disruption from phone replacement by quickly and securely moving all of an old phone’s content to the customer’s new device.


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