Forensic Wipe

Forensic Wipe

Automate and expedite the repair and refurbishment process at scale with a single tool

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Forensic Wipe

Cellebrite MD is designed specifically to improve efficiency and eliminate errors for high-volume aftermarket service providers. The solution also provides a full audit trail across all workstations with dashboards and reports.



  • Automates the device repair process for up to 40 devices simultaneously
  • Auto-detects over 7,000 device makes and models
  • Forensically wipes all devices according to NIST* guidelines
  • Quickly performs triage and quality assurance of all main device components
  • Performs all required actions in sequence on a single workstation
  • Provides insight into progress and efficiency across all workstations with full dashboard and reports


End-To-End, High Scale Solution

Cellebrite offers a single tool to perform Forensic Wipe, Triage, Flashing and Quality Assurance across 40 devices simultaneously.


* NIST = National Institute of Standards and Technology


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