Content Transfer

Content Transfer

Quickly and securely transfer each customer’s mobile life to their new device in-store, at home or both

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A complete replica of all mobile data transferred, in minutes, from one iPhone to another

Your users’ entire mobile lives; copied and transferred to a new device and updated with all the latest software and app versions.


  • Everything transferred

   Wall paper, alarm settings, weather, photos, videos, contacts, apps, and 

   *Does not transfer account passwords, Wi-Fi settings, health data or website history


  • Independent of store bandwidth

   Significantly reduced customer handle time


  • Everything that was there before – but better

   Latest software and app versions


  • More content, in less time

   1 minute per GB on average!





Rapid content transfer from Android to any other device.  Reduced customer handle times.   Complete customer privacy.  

Fast, secure content transfer from one device to another 


  • Back up and content restore to/from USB flash drive, SD card or remote server
  • Same day phone release with monthly phone support
  • Auto-detect phone specifications
  • Content transfer support across all OS, on over 7000 device models
  • Actionable insights on transfer trends with analytics


Hybrid Content Transfer


Hybrid Content Transfer combines the best of both tethered and wireless solutions. It allows content transfers of smaller data to begin in-store, while the more time-intensive task of moving large multimedia content  can be completed using an on-device app.



The Perfect Platform

The flexibility to transfer content on the widest range of delivery platforms to suit your specific environment, including: Cellebrite Touch2,  Cellebrite DeskTop, Cellebrite Tablet, Transfer App or Cellebrite Hybrid Content Transfer




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Phone House, Belgium - Case Study

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Phone House, Netherlands - Case Study

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Using Content Transfer to Exceed Customer Expectations Case Study



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