Content Transfer, Backup and Restore

Content Transfer, Backup and Restore

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Transfer, Backup and Restore

Transfer, Backup & Restore (TBR) is the first step towards building customer loyalty and creating the ultimate user experience throughout the mobile lifecycle journey. TBR enables you to get your customers started fast by securely transferring all personal data from their old device to the new.  Phone to phone content transfers are secured and performed locally, private data is not saved to hard drives or the cloud, to ensure complete customer privacy.


Content can be backed up to an SD card, USB flash drive, or with customization, to a remote server. TBR supports cross-platform operating systems between iOS to Android, Android to BlackBerry and Windows phones.  Cellebrite's TBR supports over 7000 phones, with many models continually added.

TBR can be performed through our In-Store Multi-Service Platforms; Cellebrite Touch and Cellebrite DeskTop.  Two additional channels are also available: via the web, or as a self-care app using the P2P Transfer App.


The Cellebrite Advantage


   - 7000 phones supported, including hundreds of feature phones

   - Reads multimedia from all memories (not just default system folders)

   - Transfers all phone and SIM content: Contacts, pictures, videos, SMS, audio files and contacts from all email accounts, including Gmail

•Supports a wide range of files, list including:

   - Mpg and wmv file formats

   - "WhatsApp" files for Android

   - SMS content transfer from iOS smartphones 


   - All transfer activity is local, no files are stored

   - Automated secure wipe 


   - 500MB multimedia and 500 contacts in less than 5 minutes  

   - Auto-detection of phone make and model


Unique Features

•Convenient, safe and secure transfer of personal data to a new phone

•On-device app for in-store or at-home transfer directly between phones

•Reduced customer wait times with lightning fast content transfer

•Increased customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty

•Immediate productivity on new phones

•Elimination of barriers to upgrading phones or switching networks

•Opportunities for add-on revenue from backup services and storage media

•Consistent, high-quality purchase experiences in-store and online




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TBR – Content Transfer, Backup & Restore Transfers mobile phone content from old phone to new. Enables fast secure transfers and backup of content, including contacts, images, videos, music, message history and application data. Supports over 7,000 phone models and thousands of feature phones.