UFED Pro Series

UFED Pro Series

Simplifying the Complexity of Mobile Data Forensics

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Unlock the intelligence of Mobile Forensics Data and Speed Investigations

Mobile digital data has become critical evidence in criminal cases, adding a significant amount of pressure on forensic examiners to extract, decode, analyze and share insights quickly, to accelerate investigations.


Adding to that pressure is access to critical new cloud data sources, a goldmine for forensic examiners, and sifting through mountains of data generated by each device. Without the right tools, forensic examiners face roadblocks. 


Cellebrite's innovative UFED Pro Series is designed for the forensic examiners and investigators that require comprehensive mobile data extraction and decoding tools.


The strength of the UFED PRO Series is in its components. Whether leveraged individually or together, they help forensic examiners collect, protect and act decisively on mobile data with speed and accuracy.  


UFED Pro Series helps extract insights to focus investigative efforts, unify disparate data to visualize critical connections, speed investigations and identify evidence you can stand behind. 


UFED PRO CLX and UFED PRO LX are the two distinct solution offerings in the UFED PRO Series.


Key solution components include:


UFED Ultimate

UFED Ultimate enables the physical, logical and file system extraction of all data and passwords – even deleted – from the widest range of mobile phones, portable GPS devices and tablets. The powerful combination of proprietary boot loaders, UFED Physical Analyzer, UFED Phone Detective and UFED Reader, enables advanced decoding, mobile phone detection, data analysis and reporting every time.


UFED Cloud Analyzer

UFED Cloud Analyzer provides forensic practitioners with real-time extraction, preservation and analysis of private social media, file storage or other cloud-based account content. This unique application automatically collects both existing cloud data and metadata, and packages it in a forensically preserved manner making it easy to report relevant intelligence, and export to other advanced analytical tools. 


UFED Analytics Desktop

The standalone UFED Analytics Desktop application simplifies and automates analytical tasks, allowing users to easily identify the critical relationships that can focus investigations. By immediately linking and unifying multiple disparate data sources, UFED Analytics Desktop helps generate leads and uncover actionable insights from existing call logs, application data, text messages, locations, private cloud sources, images, videos and more. This powerful, cost-effective forensics tool allows digital data to be viewed from multiple angles and isolate key details for easy analysis and reporting to case stakeholders.










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Solving Violent Crimes with a Unified Workflow Use Case

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