UFED Touch

UFED Touch

A High Performance Solution for High Performance Devices

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A High Performance Solution for High Performance Devices

Mobile devices’ complexity is increasing, and when criminals use them, law enforcement agencies require powerful tools that can extract as much evidence as possible from them. 


UFED Touch is a comprehensive, standalone mobile forensic extraction device that combines outstanding mobile device support with unrivaled data extraction technology. With its intuitive GUI and easy-to-use touch screen, the UFED Touch enables physical, file system, and logical extractions of all data and passwords, included deleted data, from the widest range of mobile devices. 


UFED Touch users benefit from:

  • Standalone reliability
  • Closed platform for forensically sound extractions
  • Field mobility in most environments
  • Unrivalled device support
  • Proprietary hardware, software and boot loaders
  • Touch screen and intuitive GUI
  • HTML report viewer for onscreen viewing of reports
  • Portable – Integrated battery
  • All-inclusive field-ready operational kit – smaller, lighter connector tips, external hard drive and more


UFED Touch is available with either an Ultimate or Logical solution offering, and as standard, comes with a range of supporting applications for in-depth decoding, analysis and reporting. 


The UFED Touch Ultimate Ruggedized is supplied with the UFED Camera.  


Forensic 4cast Awards:

Since 2009, UFED Touch has been recognized by industry experts as a must have tool, and won the yearly Forensic Forecast Awards for the Best Forensic Hardware tool. 






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Cellebrite's UFED Touch sets the standard for mobile forensics, advancing Cellebrite's already ground-breaking logical and physical extraction capabilities for thousands of mobile phones, smartphones, portable GPS devices and handheld tablets.