Mobile Forensics Testimonials

Shafik Punjah

Digital Forensic Analyst, Canadian Law Enforcement Agency

The most impressive feature of Cellebrite's product line is UFED Physical Analyzer. It has the ability to parse BlackBerry physical extraction using the boot loaders. More importantly, it supports chip-off extraction of BlackBerry devices.

Ryan Lockhart

Putnam County Sheriff's Department, West Virginia

UFED Physical Analyzer is a huge asset to help overcome these passwords that suspects don’t want to give up. UFED helped decrypt a suspect's phone and reveal in excess 90 deleted images of the suspect being engaged in sexual activity with a minor.

Koos Van Waalwijk Van Doorn

Amsterdam Police, Netherlands

UFED revealed the suspect saying to his partner in crime that he had to go to the school and gun down the kids with machine guns. UFED also revealed the deleted location searches of where the school was.

Jimmy Adams

Carroll County, Georgia Sheriff Office

The supervisors strongly rely on UFED as it provides a different layer of evidence that puts the suspect at the scene of the crime. It also gives more information on the suspect during the prosecution.

Zane Kirby

Franklin County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Ohio

With the UFED Touch Ultimate, Zane Kirby was able to pull of all the evidence from a phone used in an adult sexual abuse case.

Shafik Punja

Digital Forensic Examiner/Analyst, Calgary, Canada

With help from Cellebrite's Co-CEO Ron Serber, a binary dump was deciphered to recover deleted text messages, critical to a homicide investigation.

Det. Cindy Murphy

Madison Police Dpt. Madison, WI

The UFED Physical was used to recover deleted text messages from an iPhone that had been intentionally run over by a car, relating to a shaken baby case.

Det. Jason Moyer

Metropolitan Nashville Police Depatment, Tennessee

The Cellebrite UFED is used in 95% of cases, and vital to cases involving password protected phones. In one case, the Cellebrite UFED was used to link suspects together, leading to a successful conviction.

Det. Jim Bolt Anderson

Anderson Police Dpt. Computer Forensics Lab Anderson, SC

UFED Physical recovers deleted pictures of a young child which are later used in court against the suspect.

Caroline Faille

Agence des Services Frontaliers du Canada

A Suspect was caught close to the border with the assistance of time stamps from a GPS log extracted by Cellebrite's UFED.

Det. Brian Farnsworth

Sacramento Valley High Tech Crimes Task Force

Two suspects were brought into custody just 24 hours after a phone was discovered 100 yards from a buried body, in a cold case. Detective Farnsworth used the Cellebrite UFED to successfully extract text messages from a wet and dirty iPhone, establishing an alibi between the suspects.

Nick Curry

WMF Digital Media Coordinator, UK

Cellebrite's UFED Touch Logical helps in their triage process and exceeds any other product on the market. Without it, Nick's team would be struggling in that area of the business.

David Millard

West Mercia Police Forensic Investigator

David Millard uses UFED Physical Analyzer for Apple devices, bypassing passcodes and performing physical extractions.

Colin Smith

FMS Digital Forensics Specialist

UFED Ultimate is the main forensic tool Colin Smith and his team use. He says that when investigating crime, the data you want is going to be deleted and Cellebrite's UFED Physical Analyzer gets that really well.


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