UFED Reader

UFED Reader

Share Case Information with Relevant Staff, Without Limitations!

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Share Case Information with Relevant Staff, Without Limitations!

Did you know that authorized staff throughout your organization can receive, view and analyze extracted data reports created by UFED Physical Analyzer or UFED Logical Analyzer, even if they are not users of those tools?


Cellebrite's UFED Reader is a free, executable application, purpose-designed for forensic examiners or investigators who need to share reports with other authorized personnel that may not use UFED Logical or Physical Analyzer. This may include fellow investigators, detectives, analysts, colleagues, lawyers, prosecutors, and more.


With the same look and feel as the UFED Physical Analyzer, the UFED Reader is intuitive, simple and ready to use - no installation or license required.


Benefits for forensic examiners and investigators, derived in conjunction with the complementary use of other UFED tools:


  • Minimize the possibility of losing data when sharing the files with a single and comprehensive report, in a single container
  • Dig deep into the data using advanced analysis functionalities
  • Customize and generate reports in multiple formats
  • Produce and distribute a UFDR report file together with the UFED Reader application to other authorized personnel
  • Perform a more in-depth analysis using the same UFDR file via UFED Analytics Desktop
  • Select content to share


Benefits for those who do not directly use UFED tools for extraction or decoding, but are required to view the extracted data:


  • Conduct a basic analysis of the report's results without purchasing additional software
  • Open reports and perform your own investigation, and conduct analysis on the required information
  • Generate reports with the relevant evidence  - All extracted data is included in the UFDR report
  • Benefit from a rich set of analysis capabilities - Advanced search, filtering,  timeline, entity bookmarks and project saving
  • Customize and generate reports in multiple formats









UFED Reader: Share Information with any Authorized Personnel