UFED Physical Analyzer

UFED Physical Analyzer

Accelerating Investigations in a Unified Forensic Environment

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Accelerating Investigations in a Unified Forensic Environment

Accelerate investigations with the most advanced mobile forensics application in the industry. UFED Physical Analyzer provides unmatched access to mobile data and exposes every segment of a device’s memory using advanced logical, file system and physical extractions, in-depth decoding, analysis and reporting features.


UFED Physical Analyzer is available with the Ultimate solution offering.


UFED Physical Analyzer enables the most thorough data scrutiny in mobile forensic examinations:

  • Decode the largest amount of raw data from the widest range of mobile devices
  • Enrich case information with intact and deleted data stored on mobile devices
  • Organize and view case evidence with enhanced searching, filtering and grouping capabilities
  • Visualize mobile data with project analytic and timeline tools
  • Integrate with Cellebrite's data analysis tools for in depth analysis
  • Reduce manual carving using an automatic decoding process
  • High decoding confidence using HEX highlighting
  • View extracted locations using online and offline maps 
  • Save time in device qualification
  • Easily share information 
  • Report and share findings with colleagues, supervisors and/or clients

Since 2012, UFED Physical Analyzer has been recognized by industry experts as a must have tool, and won the yearly Forensic Forecast Awards for the Best Forensic Software tool.


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