UFED Phone Detective

UFED Phone Detective

Identify Phone Types Instantly

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Identify Phone Types Instantly

UFED Phone Detective is an application that quickly identifies a mobile phone by its physical attributes, eliminating the need to open up the phone and risk phone lock.


To identify a phone, users answers eight key questions regarding the phone's appearance. Click here

for a preview. 


UFED Phone Detective provides users with detailed extraction and decoding capabilities per device, connectivity details, device characteristics and more.


UFED Phone Detective Key Features:

Search from a database of over 4,000 phones

User-friendly interface: identifies a mobile phone in 8 steps or less

Query toolbar system based on visual elements

TAC value search box

Quick filter search tool


UFED Phone Detective Application for Android and iOS

The UFED Phone Detective mobile app is a fast and easy way to view supported extraction and decoding capabilities, as well as connectivity methods, for any mobile device profile supported by UFED systems.


• Look up supported extraction and decoding capabilities by vendor and mobile device names

• Easily drill down to specific support information, including password bypass capabilities


Download the application for free from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Free with My.Cellebrite credentials.

You can also easily access the UFED Phone Detective application via: https://cellephones.cellebrite.com/client/ 






Identify Phone Types Instantly