UFED Logical Analyzer

UFED Logical Analyzer

A simplified analysis and reporting tool for logical extractions

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A simplified analysis and reporting tool for logical extractions

Available with the logical solution offering is the PC based analysis and reporting application, UFED Logical Analyzer. It enables users to present extracted data and passwords in a clear and concise manner. The UFED Logical Analyzer's rich features are only a small fragment of the UFED Physical Analyzer capabilities. Once users upgrade from the logical solution offering to the ultimate solution offering, the software will be upgraded to the UFED Physical Analyzer.
To view UFED Physical Analyzer's full feature list and capabilities, download the brochure below.


UFED Logical Analyzer features include:

  • Extract and analyze vast amount of mobile data, including call logs, contacts, calendar, SMS, MMS, media files, apps data, chats, passwords
  • Organize and view case evidence with enhanced searching, filtering and grouping capabilities
  • Automatically highlight information based on predefined list of values
  • Monitor events in a single chronological view
  • View multiple locations of a suspect on a single map
  • Translate foreign-language content from your extractions using UFED Logical Analyzer's offline translation solution
  • Multilingual user interface


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